Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

Focusing on health and wellness before trying to conceive is essential for the future health of both mom and baby. Properly preparing for pregnancy can also help you avoid delays in conception, miscarriages and reduce the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss. At Nstar Integrated Health, we use a holistic approach to pregnancy planning, advocating positive lifestyle changes that can successfully improve rates of conception and provide baby the healthiest start in life.

If you are contemplating pregnancy, the ideal time to seek preconception counseling is six to 12 months before trying to conceive. However, professionals at Nstar Integrated Health work with women at all stages of pregnancy planning, including those undergoing traditional fertility treatments. Some health and wellness issues that are addressed include proper nutrition, dietary supplements and exercise as well as reducing the body’s toxin levels.

The average baby is born with over 300 toxins. These toxins are passed to baby through the mother, who naturally acquires them from living in today’s environment. Nstar Health PMC uses diagnostic testing to help identify harmful toxins in women before pregnancy and can help detoxify the body through lifestyle changes and detoxification programs.

The Benefits of Preconception Counseling

Through preconception counseling at Nstar Integrated Health, you will learn how to take the steps you need to create the healthiest pregnancy for yourself and your baby. Working in close partnership with your physician or therapist, preconception counseling can lead to:

• Fewer delays in conceiving
• Reduced risk of pregnancy loss
• More effective fertility treatments, if applicable
• Fewer health problems during pregnancy
• A more comfortable and relaxing pregnancy
• A healthier start for baby

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