Whole-Body Approach to Healthy Pregnancy

If you are having difficulty conceiving, whether for a few months or a few years, it can be heartbreaking. But there are steps you can take to help achieve a successful pregnancy without extensive fertility treatments. At NSTAR Health PMC, our philosophy is, “healthy mother, healthy pregnancy, healthy baby.” Each person’s situation is unique and we provide individualized patient care to enhance overall health, as well as identify and address unique factors affecting pregnancy. This whole-body approach enhances the likelihood for a viable, healthy pregnancy and often reduces the need for extensive fertility treatments.

Extensive Experience

Dr. Natalie Schultz has practiced reproductive endocrinology for over 20 years, helping thousands of women achieve a successful pregnancy. Dr. Schultz takes a comprehensive approach to fertility issues and finds that failure to conceive is rarely unexplained. Physical, metabolic, hormonal, emotional, environmental as well as lifestyle factors can all impact conception. At Nstar Integrated Health, we take a detailed medical history and provide thorough evaluation to identify and then treat these potential factors. This may include preconception detoxification, which can help rid the body of harmful toxins and prepare it for a successful pregnancy.


The PCOS Connection

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a health condition of almost epidemic proportions which can frequently go unrecognized and thus untreated, is a major cause of infertility. Dr. Schultz has extensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of PCOS. By holistically treating this or other underlying causes of fertility problems, patients often achieve success in pregnancy.
Benefits of Reproductive Endocrinology

Taking the time to address the health needs of your body and focus on your reproductive health can aid in a healthier body, healthier pregnancy and healthier baby. Give your body the best chance to conceive with focused reproductive endocrinology help. A few benefits include:

• Develop a healthy body for pregnancy
• Identify and treat underlying issues affecting ability to conceive
• Overcome past fertility problems and achieve a healthy, viable pregnancy
• Help avoid extensive and costly infertility treatments
• If more extensive fertility treatments are necessary, enhance your reproductive health to aid in their success

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