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October 2021
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If you suffer from a headache, stiff neck, or simply have difficulty moving your head to the sides, you may need medical help. Fortunately, if you live in Naperville, you are only 3 minutes from NorthStar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center. Here you can receive the professional help you need to eliminate your neck pain following an effective and complete diagnosis. The pain in the neck, although some see it as a minor problem, may, in fact, prevent you from performing in basic daily activities, so it’s recommended that chiropractic professionals help you resume your rhythm of life. In our chiropractic wellness center, we will help you heal your neck and improve your posture so that your neck remains painless and healthy. You just have to send us an email requesting an appointment, or you can simply call or schedule through our website.

Everyone has experienced neck pain once in their lives. It’s normal to happen when the muscles are distended due to poor posture. However, on some occasions, neck pain can turn out to be somewhat more serious.

Some symptoms of acute neck pain are:

  • Headache.
  • Little ability to move/turn the head.
  • Stiff muscles.
  • Pain if you hold your head in one place for long periods (such as when you drive or are in front of the computer working).

Luckily for you, we at NorthStar Integrated Health & Physical Medicine Center have a team of chiropractic specialists who are more than capable of performing and eradicating your pain with modern methods that won’t make you suffer, nor do they need to exert too much force on you to heal yourself.

Our specialists are located in Lisle, where they serve patients from neighboring cities, such as Naperville, Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton and Bolingbrook, IL.

How to know if you should look for a chiropractor?

Usually, neck pain improves with rest at home. However, if your neck pain doesn’t improve, it is very important that you look for a chiropractor as soon as you can (especially if it’s a pain caused by an injury, such as a dive in the water or car accident).

What symptoms should you have to be sure you need a chiropractor?

  • Having a very severe neck pain and for several days without relief.
  • Neck pain that extends to your arms or legs.
  • Neck pain accompanied by headache, numbness, or tingling.

Some causes of neck pain

The neck can be very vulnerable to injuries and disorders that generate pain and limit movement because it’s responsible for supporting the weight of the head. The main causes of neck pain are:

  • Damaged joints (in most cases, the joints exhaust with age. Osteoarthritis causes cartilage between the vertebrae to deteriorate).
  • Impingement of the nerve.
  • Muscle tensions (caused by carrying a lot of weight, staying hunched for a long time, clenching your teeth, or reading books in bed).
  • Injuries.
  • Other diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis or meningitis at birth).

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