Medical Manipulation / Whiplash

Medical Manipulation

In the pages linked to this section, you can read about Medical Manipulation and discover the relationship between the spinal nerves and which organs they supply. We have provided useful information about how joint manipulation can be beneficial for pregnancy, kids and sports.


The largest single contributor to chronic pain and overall spine pain is the motor vehicle accident. Lingering pain and stiffness–headache, neck, and back pain–may indicate serious underlying injury to your spine. Millions of Americans suffer with chronic pain long after legal settlement has passed.

Normal healing is the key to lasting recovery. It’s an absolute myth and falsehood that injured ligaments and connective tissue can heal and return to normal on their own. For some accident victims, the “short term” use of pain medication may be necessary. However, simply “masking or numbing” the pain can lead to serious delay in receiving corrective care. Our natural “drug-free” care focuses on normal healing, with your long-term health in mind.

Minor damage to your car means little chance of serious bodily injury! If you believe this falsehood, then your greatest loss (your health) may come after the accident. Many insurance companies may hope you’ll believe this myth, yet respected scientific research has demonstrated that serious injury can occur to your spine, even in minor impacts. Fact: An eight mph rear impact produces forces to the victim’s head that are two-and-a-half times those occurring to the vehicle. This force is delivered to the victim’s head in one-tenth of a second, with potential for serious injury.

No referral is needed for care in our office. Auto insurance companies are responsible for payment of reasonable and necessary remedial care in auto accident injury, per policy guidelines. In most cases, our office will bill responsible insurance companies and wait for payment, so you can get the care you need today when it can help the most.

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