Elastin Infusion Therapy – Facial Hydration

How Elastin Infusion Therapy Works

According to medical science our body stops making the elastin protein at the age of twelve. Elastin breaks down with age resulting in a loss of of skin elasticity. The results in wrinkles, jowls and loose, sagging skin.The only solution is a replica of human skin protein that can replace the lost elastin and we offer it to you!In a regenerative medicine study, focused on healing soldiers injured in Iraq, Dr. Burt Ensley discovered a new element derived from plant biotechnology, called Tropoelastin, which promotes scar-less healing. Many of the same factors causing scarring of tissue are identical to anti-aging issues. This proprietary ingredient in the Dermalastyl product line used in Elastin Infusion Therapy was discovered by the Department of Defense research project and is now called Elastatropin. The product penetrates the outer layers of the skin and replenishes lost elastin.The company has written a protocol using microcurrent technology to effectively infuse the Elastatropin into the skin where it synthesizes components of the human skin. The elastin protein helps the body to retain collagen, thereby improving skin hydration while the area around the eyes and mouth are plumped and lifted. The process is so effective and potent that it is recommended that it only be applied once per month. For patients 40 and older the process is estimated to replace up to 2 years of lost elastin with each treatment.

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